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The Nam Yang Pugilistic Association, founded in 1954, is an organization, based in Singapore, with branches in the U.K, Russia and Thailand which promotes and teaches Tiger Crane Kung Fu, the White Crane Soft Art (an internal martial art similar to Tai Chi), Traditional Shaolin Weapons, Qi Gong, Lion and Dragon dance.

Classes now running in Sukumvit. Please call Jay for info on 087 289 2373. Available for private tuition (small groups - maximum 4 people) and group classes.


Information and short biographies of the key members of the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association in Singapore and further afield.
Chief Instructor (Thailand): Jay Turner
Chief Instructor (UK): Iain Armstrong
Nam Yang chief instructor: Master Tan So Tin

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The Shaolin Weapons

If you have complete mastery of your hands, any weapon is dangerous because it is just an extension of your hands, and you can do a lot of damage with it. This is why you start learning with your hands first. The hardest to start with is the staff. If you can manipulate it properly you can see a lot of moves which you could also apply to the sword and other weapons as well. The moves one can do will be similar to an extent. That is why we call the staff the king of the weapons, and all students start with learning the staff first.

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A history of our arts

The origin of Shaolin Kung Fu is generally credited to an Indian monk named Tat Moh, who is also sometimes known as Bodhidharma. He began life as a prince in Southern India, but became a devoted Buddhist, renouncing his royal heritage to take up the simple lifestyle of a monk. He traveled widely, spreading the teachings of Buddhism. Eventually he rose to become the 28th patriarch of India.

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